Loft from multiple curves wont loft correctly

Hi, i’m trying to loft a set of curves that come out of a contour component. but some of the top curves seem to be flipped in a different direction. the question i have is how i can flip all the directions to the same vector or if there is different way to flip these curves?191112_INCREMENTAL HIGHTS WITH (33.9 KB)ground floor crvs.3dm (194.5 KB)


I internalised the data

What about extruding by same height as for contouring. In that case you dont need to loft all.

Thank you, i can work with this.

I see no evidence of Loft corruption in R5?

Your “BUILDING OUTLINES” curves don’t all have the same direction:

This is one way to flip them all to match the first one, but it makes no difference I can see?

And yeah, what @Jakinta said, for sure. Skip the Contour.

Ill try to work without the contour, but the extrude gave me another unwanted result. because i get an extra layer on top of the roof slab. is there a way to filter out the top extrude?

Don’t you already have the extrusion that’s identical to the loft?

Instead of Extrude, you could Move (copy) the bottom curves to appropriate heights and loft them.

the extrusion isn’t a multiplication of the floor hight ( i couldn’t figure this out) thats why i use the contour with a set distance and try to create everything from these contour lines. so it is often higher than my wanted hights of buildings.

Check the white group…in that manner you can create shell + ceiling per floor/branch…if it is helpfull at all…


Note: You can replace last varying extrusion height with the last item in series list of heights per contours/floors. To achieve that from your previous post. If i understood it correctly.

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Oh dear! Please, figure it out, it will be so worthwhile, for so many things.

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Haha, I’ll do my best.

do you have any tips?

test_area_2019Nov12a (10.3 KB)

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(updated) (21.3 KB)

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Thank you, it seems to be that i do not know enough about math, because i didn’t know about the integer division. this helped me a lot!

Integer division is identical to applying Round ‘F’ (Floor) to regular division, as shown in the white group below. It’s computing the number of floors in the building, no pun intended. (26.5 KB)

The green group at the bottom shows a way to create the actual floors using Series, with an expression (“x+1”) on the ‘C’ (Count) input to add one extra for the roof.

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I went on to create my slabs/ floors on a different way but yours is a a good bit cleaner. I started working on the facade now so i could come up with more questions.

Yes it is! As projects grow in complexity, simpler and “cleaner” code is always better. :sunglasses:

Below: added thickened “slabs” in purple group: