Loft fails - "Some, but not all of the curve end points touch"

When I attempt to loft between these two airfoil sections I get this error?Loft Problem.3dm (2.8 MB)

Hello- if you are attempting to loft the airfoils shape, each set of curves will need to be joined - the lofter cannot string together curves to make each profile.


I thought I had accomplished that with CurveThroughPolyline, Degree:3 Curve, Type: Interpolated, Knots: Cord with Delete Input checked for both of the airfoil profiles before lofting. Should I join a different way?

Hello - all I see in the file you posted is a bunch of separate line segments…


So how do I turn all of those into a single smooth continuous closed curve? I thought that CurveThroughPolyline command did that?

Hello - what you have is a buch of line segments - your question was about Loft and the error message from that command. I have explained that. If your real question is about how to make a smooth curve through a bunch of line segments, that is a completely different thing.


I understand. I’ll search for that answer. I did not appreciate that was the source of my problem. Thanks!