Loft error

Hi there
I was having trouble with making a loft between two curves. The result it´s kind messy.

However, testing random comands, I found that using tha command “MakeSubDFriendly”, the loft is correct. Is there any explanation for this? Thanks in advise! :smiley:

Hi Sebastian - loft has no idea how you intend to relate these two curves - I’d use Sweep2 of a line, with liberal use of Add Slash in the Sweep dialog so you can provide this input.


Thanks for your Answer Pascal :smiley:
Sweep2 and the use of Slash can solve it too but the result brings lots of control points. Is there any other possibility to fix the loft? Or any advice when modelling to prevent this to happen? I was wondering that this is caused because of the uso of insert control points and delenting some of them :thinking: