Loft doesn't create surfaces, only breps in Rhino 7

Hi everyone, I’m wondering why Rhino 7’s Loft command in Grasshopper doesn’t create simple surfaces (even with the Rebuild option), just breps and with horrible performance - more than 6 s to just loft a few lines into a few curves… In Rhino 6 this is not a problem and it takes about 100 ms…
Rhino 7:

Rhino 6:

What am I missing here?

in my Rhino (7.3.21026.13001, 01/26/2021) the loft output of your definition works as expected :open_mouth:

in your definition Loft options has a “rebuild” value, which means that whatever joined poly-curve you input will be rebuilt as one single curve with those control points

that’s why Loft outputs clean untrimmed surface

with refit=0 and rebuild=0 (which is no refit and no rebuild at all) the loft will produce Breps instead of untrimmed surfaces:

each curve that comes out from the Catenary is -in this case- a polyline made of 49 different straight lines joined together:

this should also be the reason why EdgeSurface component outputs Breps

Wow, that’s weird… My version was (7.1.20343.9491, 12/08/2020) and even with rebuild set to 20 it still generates just breps. When I use a Rebuild component before the Loft (which has it’s own rebuild, but it doesn’t seem to work) everything is fine…

I guess I have to update my Rhino… :smiley: