Loft curves data problem

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to loft a collection of curves. I tried to merge them, to insert them in the same data list but it doesn’t work and i can’t figure why…

I want the surface touching the bottom and the top (Please look at the blue circles).

Can someone help me on this one? (24.0 KB)

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You should’ve unified the path level of data plugging into Merge (23.9 KB)

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Thank you @HS_Kim

Well, looks like i am stucked again…

I am trying to create a random spiral made of polylines. I am planing to use the discrete polylines from PufferFish 2.0.

My goal is to create those kind of shape

But with this lines effect

Also, i want to have more lines at the bottom and less at the top. That is why i create to list of gradient point (on two different plans) to create this sensation of depth and randomness. I want the lines to jump from one color to the other and create a network more complex at the bottom and simple at the top.

I have no idea how to create those lines now. I can’t use Anemone since i am working on Rhino mac.

Does anyone have a solution? (28.5 KB)

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