Loft command

I am trying to loft my geometry, not sure what the problem could be
My file was really large as I had to compress the file. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

Uploading: Langa… (29.9 KB)

If this is the expected result, all you need to do is graft the Geometry output on the scale component or Geometry input on the Transform component. You’ll get 582 branches with 7 curves each.

PS: the Grasshopper file you posted seems to have all renecessary inputs internalised so you don’t really need to provide the Rhino file. (28.2 KB)

The graft solves the loft function however, My script is suppose to make the loft replicate my graph mapper curve which is not currently doing by grafting the scale component function by geometry.

Can you post a part of your Rhino file to illustrate the desired result of the Grasshopper definition?

All the rings are at the same size… I have used the Bezier graph on graph mapper component to make those rings at different scales for me to loft

This is what I am trying to achieve

Got it. You want the scaling operation to happen on every single curve. Therefore you cannot flatten the input. You need to keep the tree structure. (39.0 KB)

What was preventing me from getting to this result in my script?

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You flattened the Curve output. This cannot be flattened otherwise the scaling doesn’t scale every curve 7 times but only once. See the Geometry output of the Scale component. In your file it has 582 branches with 1 item each. You want seven items each.

You can learn more on data structures here:

Designing with Data Trees | The Grasshopper Primer Third Edition (

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