Loft command background

I am using the loft command quite a lot and want to know if anyone knows of a technical or research paper written that shows the math behind lofts.

Hi Lance,

I think @dale or @dalelear (yes two Dales!) may know where to point you on this one.

There are thousands of places that discuss “lofting” for NURBS curves and surfaces. The first thing to understand is non-rational cubic NURBS curve lofting. Search the internet for “Cubic NURBS interpolation” to get a list of books and papers you could read.

In my view, the gold standard for all basic NURBS calculations, including interpolation (lofting) is de Boor’s A Practical Guide To Splines (1978) and Bohm’s paper A survey of curve and surface methods in CAGD (CAGD 1984).

Thank you! I will start there. Let me know if you find other papers!

Side question:
I am interpolating survey cross-section point clouds (.xyz) using 3rd degree and sq rt chord method. Basically, after interpolating, I use a “normal” loft that I rebuild with 500 control points. Then I go and rebuild the mesh again using 400 (U) and 300 (V) that way I can get the loft to fit the cross-section curves tightly. So, my question is…are these interpolated cross-sections considered NURBS curves? Is the loft considered a NURBS surface?