Loft - Closed Loft - Strange error message!


When trying to check the Closed Loft option in the Loft Options, while using only two curves, it gives a strange
Error message: “Loft Failed, Don’t Know Why.”

But the reason is obvious and that is we need a minimum of 3 curves to make it work

Isn’t it more informative to have the error message point out that the error is caused because
We’re just using 2 curves instead of having at least 3?

Lofting with 2 curves works for me.

Loft works with two curves of course, i was talking about the Closed Loft option, when you right-click the O input. If you try to check it the Loft will fail if you have only two curves.

Oops, you’re correct. I totally read over that part.

Undefinied 6 Undefined? Crackers don’t have any sense of humour theses days. Yeah, sometimes as a developer, its kind of difficult to foresee the cleverness of its users. At least it catches the exception.

Well basically i’m 3DS Max + Vray user, and i use Rhino + Grasshopper for complex shapes that i import and render in 3DS Max. The IT of the office i used to work in, told me that he has the 6.4 version. He says that he has a license server and that he can give me a license for my personal computer as if i’m part of his organization. Well i need to ask him about this. he also said the same thing about the MS Office he installed for me. My main focus is Max + Vray, so personally i prefer to save on other programs, but not like this. This is a serious issue if this is a cracked version.

Sure, just didn’t think of adding a special message for that case.

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