Loft between two planar curves with normals as tangents

I have a GH script that creates two planar, closed, parallel curves in a certain distance. Now I want to create a loft between them where the tangents are parallel to the normals of the curve planes.
To create “ramps” like this:
Do I have to work with guide curves etc. or is there an easier way to define that tangents should be parallel to the curve normals?

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Please upload a simplified version of your file, so people here can help you more efficiently.

Thanks! :slight_smile:
Here a simplified schematic with just the three relevant lofts:
(edit: reuploaded with better naming for outputs):
loft_planar_curves.ghx (398.3 KB)

It currently looks like this:

But I want it to look like this - with continuous transitions between the lofted surfaces (and thus tangents of the lofts being parallel to the normals of the sketches):

loft_planar_curves Edited V0.ghx (620.5 KB)

You can adjust the parameters to get the desired shape.


Wow,@Quan_Li, this is great! Took some time to wrap my head around this, think I learned a number of things from that. Thanks a lot!

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You are welcome.