Loft and offset srf problem: help me!

Executing this form with the “loft” command would seem impossible, especially if you want to maintain tangency with the two respective surfaces.
(with the analogous tool of NX it is easily executable).
Why don’t I add a “Chain” option in the Loft command? Why hasn’t a major continuity option been added yet? (G2).
Furthermore, it is possible to set a tangency with the circular bottom surface, but with the upper polylobed one it is impossible.

Furthermore, after creating the shape, if I want to give a thickness, the problems begin: neither with srf offset nor with shell it is possible. Could you prove that you are better?
Loft and offset srf problem.3dm (507.3 KB)

P.S. This form could be modeled with the “Blend srf” command, even if the result in the upper part is not the desired one (see at 6:26).

I’m not sure if I understood what you’re trying to do, but hope this help:

BlendSrf.3dm (1.0 MB)


Yes, that’s what I’d like to achieve, but I thought it could be done with a loft; at the end are two closed curves, it would be enough to set an option of tangency with the upper surface, as it happens for the lower circular surface.
The srf blend allows you to do what I want … I’ll try better.

Beyond the possible “only” result using Blend srf, it would be a good example to start adding and reviewing the “loft” command.
Why complicate life? in the meantime it would be enough to add a “chain” option as for the blend command, in my opinion, useful (because closed curves can also be built in portions of curves), and then make the “tangency” option work and with a few clicks you would get this you want. Let’s say that in this case, the Loft command works halfway.

BowlDC01.3dm (1.7 MB)

Created using Loft between the edges of planes in V7 WIP. Saved as V6 file. It may also work in V6 but I had V7 open when I tried it.

Planes created for tangency conditions. I had to fillet the scalloped curve. I initially tried a scalloped curve with sharp cusps but Loft would only use the edge of one scallop as an input curve.

Thanks David, but the solution of Nx with the use of the loft command is much cleaner, don’t you think? surfaces have less wrinkles.
Using the blend the result is certainly better.
I don’t want to make unnecessary comparisons between the Cad (surely Nx is on a higher level), but sometimes you can see the lack of some Rhino instruments, yes improved compared to the past, but still a little weak.
It could be an example to improve the command …

(I must say that Rhino’s Blend srf surprises me, it works well. A small flaw is when you move the handle with the “alt” key: you would need a guideline or a command option that allows you to reflect the direction more perfectly.
It were as complete as the one proposed by VSR it would be perfect! Something is still missing…).