Loft & AddSlash

Hi all,

Loft is porwerful tool, and we can do many many things with, but we can’t control the surfaces flow
In examples below, we can see the limit, the only way is to rebuild separated surfaces, with several sweep 2.
Sweep is more biding, more construction, need profiles , less easily editable than a simple loft between curves.

I would like too see an AddSlash option in loft , what do you think about ?

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Why not use a 1 or 2 rail sweep for that shape?

You are correct to recognize the power of Loft
You can control the surface flow better with loft than any other surface creation tool to make the shape you want but not by adding slashes.

The main trick is make the 2nd curve as copy of 1st curve.
Uniform curve made with curve command should work well for what you are doing. Then turn on edit points of both curves and edit the curves so that the edit points line up for both curves the way you want and then loft.
Loft_flow.3dm (36.2 KB)

@ John, is just an example to show the limit, in sweep i can only control the shape by 1/2 rails , you can’t control width and height at same time, except by adding many profiles ( and even, you can’t control transition between profils) , it’s not handy.

@ Jim, thanks for trick , didn’t know this possibility, good to know.
However, i can’t use differents curves styles, must use a copy, if i want use curves and polycurves, for example, it will not work.

i keep thinking addSlash could be good… sweep 3 will be better … :wink:

If you use Offset to make the bigger or smaller curve, you can use the Loose=Yes option so the new curve has the same control point arrangement as the original curve.