Locking the Camera Vs Locking the Viewport

Sometimes I think they are equivalent, sometimes I think I have figured out the difference. But I’m not really sure and am open to thougthts.

In Rhino the viewport is the camera. There is no separate camera object - at most the visualisation of one viewport as a camera in others.

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My question has to do with whether there are separate functions for the lock checkmarks for the camera view (shown in Properties when a view port is activated) and for the viewport itself (shown when a viewport is selected). it is possible to lock one without locking the other, which to me implies that the result of each is different, but I can’t discern how. If they are identical then it may be a bug that when one is locked the other shows as unlocked.

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I am afraid I don’t understand your description. I don’t see any lock checkmarks in the viewport properties tab. And I don’t understand where you select a viewport.

Perhaps some screenshots help me understand what you are doing.

This shows the question pretty well. They don’t each always lock when the other does.:

You are locking a “detail”. Not a camera or viewport.
And, as you show, you can do that either by just selecting a detail or when the detail is active. Both ways result in the same locked detail.

That’s what I thought, Wim, but the gif shows that locking one doesn’'t always lock the other. I guess it’s a minor bug, but I thought it meant that the two types of locking weren’t the same. I believe what my tests have indicate is that - at least on my system - it’s possible to lock the Camera without the Detail showing as locked.