Locking a model view in layout

This may be possible now, but if so I have not figured out how to do it. If a perspective view (or any view) of the model is shown in layouts can this view be locked so that if a layer is turned on or off or something is hidden the view remains the same in the layout once its locked? Currently if something is added or a layer is turned on in model space what ever that is pops up in the layout space.

Being able to lock everything in each layout once you have finished with that layout would be helpful in creating exploded views or just views of different layers either on or off in layout with out all your layouts being effected.

No good answer but a few things that are important…

  • you can turn on and off layers in a specific detail without that influencing what you see in other details. So not the global light-bulbs but the ones that govern the detail.

  • you can save named positions and named layer states.

  • for more static things, there is always Make2D

Make 2d is an option but its not the same as a view of the model. And for me Make 2d is more for shop drawings to make the individual details.

Right now I have parts and pieces copied and scattered all over model space to create assembly drawings of specific blocks and assemblies of blocks. This make for a huge file and its cumbersome since as the model grows in size other issues with speed pop up. Its not uncommon for me to have a file that is over 200 unique blocks. If a view of a block in model space could just be locked in the layout after the layout work was complete file size would be reduced and all layouts could be part of the main assembly

The first 3 images show a block which is part of an assembly which is the 4th image. All these images are separate files. But If I could lock the layouts view after I’ve made the 2d or pulled it apart for the assembly then I could reduce my files size and keep every thing a little bit more ordered.

And yes I could use some other cad program and do this but I don’t want to, I like Rhino. I don’t need part trees or PLM I just want to have a little bit more control and order over documentation and presentation.

So this would now be number 3 on my wish list for Rhino 6

Hi RBL - am I correct that what you are after is a way to keep a view but not have the objects in the file any longer?[quote=“RBL, post:3, topic:41787”]
If a view of a block in model space could just be locked in the layout after the layout work was complete file size would be reduced

Do you mean you’d reduce the file size by removing the items? I think I am being dense about this one…

To add to Wim’s comments, it’s possible that the new Snapshots feature may help.


Hi Pascal

Im not sure if what your saying is what I am looking for,

In layout space I may have a view of the model in model space. It may have layers turned off or its been pulled apart to illustrate assembly or part numbers related to a BOM. Once I have this I would like this view to become locked in layout space and become static so when the model in model space has the layers turned on and parts are unhidden or reassembled that particular layout view remains the same. What is in lay out could be a Snapshot in the literal sense of the term

I’ve played with the snapshot command and if the model changes so does the view in layout. It seems to be more for just being able to make a custom view of a portion of the model in model space. But if a part or layer is changed you still have the view minus the part or layer both in model space and layout space.

What Id like to do, is take the model hide, move, or change something, Bring that view of the model into Layout and do what ever work needs to be done in layout as far dimensions, annotations, add a table and create a BOM all in layout then Freeze it, take a snapshot, lock it, what ever you want to call it, so that I can put the model back together, but still keep the view and what was done in that layout. Even if I can never go back into that layout to make a change (It would be wish in V7 to make a change though).


Do you know that each detail view in a layout can be configured so you can show just the layers you need? Are you aware of layers states?

Please have a look at this post Wish: model layer visibility to be independent from layout layer visibility I started early today, asking for a change to the way layers visibility currently behaves within layout.

I’ve played around with the layer state manager and it doesn’t seem to do what I want, Its possible that I am using it incorrectly but I have spent some time and experimented with it.

In your recent post Wish: model layer visibility to be independent from layout layer visibility what your looking for is similar in nature to what I am looking for. But I am looking to do more then just the ability to turn off a layer and retain that view in layout. I would like to be able to do what is shown below and keep the layout as it shown when the model is assembled

These are 2 separate files of the same model. Just one is assembled the other pulled apart. The assembled one is a block instance in a much larger assembly. The one that is in pieces exists only to create the assembly layout and BOM

Ideally I would like to see this as one model and its layouts. If this is possible to do in layer states then I need to do some review of how to make this happen

Hi RBL - as far as visibility goes, hiding layers and objects per detail may help - have you messed with that?


Hello Pascal

Yes I’ve tried hiding layers and objects and when they are unhidden those objects and layers then appear in layout.

Would it be possible to create a background image of the view once what ever work is done in that particular layout. If editing is needed then that layout would be deleted and a new one created?

Hi RBL - sorry, I think I was not being clear - I meant by using HideInDetail and HideLayerInDetail


This still does not give the full effect that I am looking for. It kind of works but wont work for an assembly drawing as shown in the examples I have provided were the assemble blocks are pulled a part in the view to show assembly or other detail / information.

I cant just take the original model create the layouts and then reassemble that model with out the layouts changing

Well, then I guess the answer is no, there is no provision for that. The layout shows the current state of the model - you may be able to do something with Make2d to get snapshot of a state you like.


Thanks Pascal

Well in that case, number 4 on my Rhino wish list is to be able to make an exploded view, or really any view of a model create the layout and then lock that particular layout view permanently, independent of what was in model space. Maybe in Rhino 7.

I’m kind of surprised that what I am looking for seems to be unique to my needs as only a few people jumped into the conversation in spite of the number of people shown as viewing it. For the people who use Rhino for mechanical design which there are a few of us, this I think this feature would be useful.

Now if there was only a “make assembly / exploded view button” or command

As I wrote in my initial post, if it really is for something as static as what you are describing, that is what Make2D is for.

@DavidRutten wrote an exploder a while ago - give it a shot.

With the new SnapShot functionality that is being developed, you could automate a lot of the settings but you would still have to remember to activate a certain snapshot for your specific detail…

Thanks Wim

For simple static views, “make 2d” will work but the visual effect is not the same as the solid model visually exploded. If you have an example that illustrated something similar to what I have posted Id be interested in seeing it. And as the model becomes more complicated I dont see "make 2d "working well at all to do this. Most of my work is pretty complex the examples shown are really pretty simple. To make 2d of some of my work the process may take 15-30 minutes

“Snap shot” by the name of it sounds like it would do what I want, but I have not had any success at doing what I wish to do with it. I may not be using it right but with the times I have used it, when the model changes the layout still changes to reflect the models current state.

In the end I really would like to be able have this model (or any other ) exist as its un-exploded and un make 2d self as the saved file

But its layouts be it of an exploded view, its make 2d view (or any other view) be part of it the original assembled saved model that is shown above (Hopefully I have been clear)

Make 2d works for one layout but not the other,

As you stated at the beginning there seems to be no good answer at least right now in how to do this. Perhaps Snap shot will do this but the last time I was playing with it, it didn’t.

Ill try the plug-in, It should be fun to play with.

Yes, as was said, there is no good answer at the moment.

One more thing to consider is just using a print screen from a shaded view and save that as a picture. Then import that picture into a layout and have it there as just a picture. When printing layouts, shaded views end up as pictures anyway (when printing to PDF, for example).