Locked layer I didn't create

I am working on a site model and in one of my layers a portion has turned brown, none of my layers are locked and I cannot select this brown portion.

This portion is actually still in one of my layers, because when I toggle the visibility it goes away. But it is a different a color than everything else in that layer and I can’t select it.

Did it occur to you that without your file, it would be impossible to figure out the problem or to help?

I’m just sayin’…

It should be pretty easy to figure out with your file.


MY_SITE.3dm (7.1 MB)

It is on the layer labeled “Streets”

On the layer Streets (which is itself locked) if you unlock the layer, there is one object that is locked - on a per-object basis. You may have locked it accidentally, or even imported a file where it was locked. Use UnlockSelected and select it to unlock it.