"Locked gray" disappears after switching to raytraced mode and back to shaded. Bug?

Before raytraced in shaded view: All blocks are locked and are grayed out.

Switch to raytraced:

Switch back to shaded view: All blocks are still locked but not grayed out anymore.

Hello - Unfortunately for some reason no images are displayed in Discourse today, here at least, but I get the description well enough, I’ll see if I can reproduce. Is your shaded mode default?

I see that here as well - thanks for the report.


this is still an issue in RH8, or maybe it came back.

Setting any viewport to raytraced disables lock object appearance settings for that viewport regardless of mode set to afterwards.
The only ways I have found to restore the locked object appearance back to normal is by running _4view command or by restarting Rhino.

Also, Raytraced display settings for locked objects don’t work.


Hi John - I see that, thanks.
RH-80703 Raytrace kills locked object display