Locked curves show points on when locked

I see a glitch in the way locked curves are displayed. The points remain on after one selects the curve to be locked, the points are visible in the viewports after locking and unlocking.
Latetest beta

Hi Roland - got that, thanks. Same in V5, btw…


Thanks Pascal,
I haven’t used V5 for a while.

Hi @pascal and @3dsynergy

If I understand correctly - that curves/surfaces with the control points turned on are not “lockable” - I always thought this was by design… and I would hate to see it change! I often use this “feature” to edit curves, by turning on control points for curve(s) I wish to edit and then call “inverse lock” (il in my alias list) to lock all other visible objects in the scene; making editing easier. If it changes, at least make it an option to lock curves/surfaces with the control points turned on.

Hi Normand - post-selecting objects inside the Lock command when points are on has always been allowed - or at any rate in V5; but selection of objects with points on, other than in a command was not. Now that this is allowed by default (set it in Options > Mouse) it makes it easier to lock objects that have points on- it sounds like it will mess with your scheme…