Lock solver in Grasshopper

I am wondering if there is any component in Gh to be able to lock the solver by a boolean? I want to be able to lock the solver in GH. This should be done through GH not by the user. Any idea? I am using Rhino 5 and GH0.9. Thanks

Here you can lock the solver with a boolean. You will have to unlock it with the usual menu since the solver will be locked (components wont compute once locked)

lock.gh (2.2 KB)

Thanks- I understand the issue. However, I am looking for a code /component to do both (i.e. lock and unlock).

Not using a script component, as once the solver is locked it will not be run again. You’d have to create a custom object with custom attributes that handles the mouse click and enables the solver again without the need to go through a solution first.


It seems pretty complicated. Has anybody done something about it?

Stepping in this thread which seems relevant to my request : I wonder why there is no keyboard shortcut for “Lock solver”.
Sometimes, when GH goes in ventilator fury mode, I can manage to stop it by middle mouse button and then pressing the “Lock solver” icon, but it’s like in one of those dreams when you seem to be walking in swamp to reach something…
At least, the shortcut would make the whole process a bit more humane.
Lock solver shortcut

Go to File > Preferences… > Interface > Shorcuts > Solution > Disable Solver
click > press key > enter.

IDK why it is empty by default.

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Dang ! I realize I never looked in there.
Dani, you’ve made it to my “Forum member of the month” board !

Thanks !

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