Lock sketch lines of floor to reference plane

I wanted to know if:

  1. Is it possible to lock the sketch lines of a floor to reference planes?
    2 . is it possible to disable or enable the joint on a Revit element like a beam or wall?

For your second question, you can check the below post

Hi @9pb,

For your first question, this is what I get if I try to do it using Revit UI.
So I guess is not possible by using the API either.

Thanks for the prompt response. As for the second question, I’ll take a closer look.
And about the first one, I’m not referring to the work planes of view but to the reference planes that I have seen that you have just incorporated into Rhino Inside.
I explain, I use reference planes within a Revit project in the same way as they are used in families, creating constraints and locking geometry to reference planes. For example floors
In the project using global parameters. Parameterizing both urban and geometric elements.

First thing I try when planing a new component is doing it using the Revit UI.

How would you do this using Revit UI?