Lock otherobjects = Isolate Object now?

My “Lock all other objects” button has become “Isolate Object” so that instead of locking everything other than what’s selected, everything else just disappears?

How does something that has been working fine suddenly stop working in a new release/candidate?

Does your button macro read _Invert _Lock ?

Nope. It used to. Now it has the IsolateObject/UnisolateObject

Wait. What the…? I hit the same button just now,(after I had done a restart) and it’s fixed.

I repeat: What the…?!

EDIT: K, Figuring this must be user error. I’m thinking I prob had an older toolbar in an open file by mistake or something. Switched it out and saved Toolbar. Seems fine now.

EDIT 2: Ok, so when I type “Lock”, the thing I’m trying to lock just disappears. So there’s something wrong.

@stevebaer, @John_Brock?

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