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I’ve created a fullscreen interface for a gh code and I was wondering if there is a way to somehow lock the HumanUI window so that the user can’t quit it or switch to other windows/programs.


You need a bit of hacking to achieve this, certainly not from such high-level application like HumanUI.

You need to go low.
Search internet for Kiosk type of software. But I fear this will not work as you may expect and you’ll have to code the UI not use plugins like HumanUI.

Thanks Ivelin,

Most of the kiosks I’ve found allow restricting the screen to a certain webpage, or a windows store app, but not an *.exe as rhino/gh =(

Yes, this is why I said you gonna need a little hacking. A while ago I researched the same topic but never really implemented anything.

Most of these applications are browser-based using HTML/CSS Javascript to control the PC. Since GH is running within the scope of Rhino, your kiosk must run as an envelope over Rhino, not just GH.

I think it’s a big topic and you’ll run into many issues. I do not suggest going this way. Although it does look like an interesting challenge. :wink: I may look into it again.

Btw, since GH is already been transformed to work in a browser, using ShapeDiver . You may try that out as an alternative. Locking your users to just use the browser instead of GH. I have never tested that though.

I was thinking of this, however the interface is already developed in HumanUI, and it will be quite a lot of work to redo it for ShapeDiver =(

It will be even more work to try to create a Kiosk application because you’ll have to re-build your UI from scratch.

How about if you disable Win key and Alt+Tab and Alt+F4. That would be the quickest hack.

Side note: If my boss tries to do this to me I’ll hack the system to allow myself to work properly :crazy_face:

Thanks, I’ll try this direction too

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Never seen this done. Let us know if you figure it out!


You may look into this one as well:

Such comment from you doesn’t leave much hope =)
We’re currently testing “Sure Lock” kiosk, that can allow *.exe files.

We’re currently testing “Sure Lock” kiosk, that can allow *.exe files.

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Is this paid application? Never heard of it before. Why pay if Windows10 has it as setting?

Anyways, let us know if it works.

Yes, but it’s rather cheap.
The PC with the code runs Win10 Home, so it doesn’t have the kiosk feature unfortunately

What is the complete usecase?

  • The user has to have access to GH only?
  • RH and GH only?
  • NO internet browser?
  • No explorer?
  • No task manager, no cmd.exe, no control panel, no regedit…etc?
  • No key shortcuts Alt+tab, alt+f4, ctrl+esc, win, win+R, win+D, win+L, win+M,…etc.?

Sorry for late reply.

The main problem is that the users are 10-15 y.o. kids, so I don’t expect them to be able to mess up with regedit, but they just randomly open folders, try to install games from Windows Store, etc.

So the ideal scenario (probably impossible with all my requirements :slightly_smiling_face:) would be that the regular users, the kids, have only access to the HumanUI window that would be always on top. There is no physical keyboard or mouse, they interact with it using a touchscreen. The interface does require using an on-screen keyboard.
And the second part is that there are several more “advanced” users, that I can instruct on using the interface, that should be able to access a folder and send stl’s to 3D printer…

So far I did manage to do the following:

  • restrict access to any *.exe file except rhino and a few more that I need there via regedit.
  • uninstall Windows Store/Edge/Skype and most of the other built-in apps with a PowerShell command
  • disabled right-swipe on the screen that was a too easy way to switch to other windows/desktop.
  • gh file opens automatically when windows starts
  • the size of HumanUI window is 20 pixels larger than the screen (10 px in each direction).

I’ve thought of an rather awkward way of resseting the screen -
Either scheduling a restart every hour, so no matter what it will get back to rhino and the HumanUI interface every hour, or somehow checking if the HumanUI window is active/on top, and to restart the PC if it is not active for more than 5-10 mins. But this will be the last solution I’ll try doing…

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Little hacker devils. I remember doing all of these myself. Computer lessons were so boring when you already know more than the teacher :smiley:, which back then wasn’t very difficult.

Blocking certain executables may cripple Windows. Still though. Exploits exist. Don’t forget that Rhino and GH has Open/Save dialogs. that means the little devils have access to Windows Explorer and still can go around messing things up.

You may think about killing Windows Explorer too, also disabling Task Manager so they don’t try to start explorer.exe from there. When Windows Explorer is stopped there’s no start menu, no taskbar.

But there’s another “exploit” they can simply create new.txt rename it to *.bat or *.cmd and start explorer.exe from there. You’ll have to block Notepad, cmd.exe or any other ascii text editor.