Lock levels

Hi everyone,

is it possible to lock Visualarq levels? Curiously, I didn´t find much information about this feature even if it seems to be possible.


This is not possible for now, but you can hide them. Why would you need to lock them? Is it because you need to lock all the objects assigned to a level? In that case, these feature would probably have to wait until objects are linked to levels.

Exactly, I need to lock objects on a specific level. So you could edit objects on one level while seeing objects on another locked level.



I have already added your request to our list. Maybe you can use reference plan views to edit objects on one level while seeing objects on another hidden level.

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Thank you for the tip. Reference plan views are a useful feature. However they are limited to Visualarq objects, is that correct? Rhino objects or lines don´t show up.


Yes, they only show VisualARQ objects. We already have this request in our list; I’ll add your vote to it.

There is a semi-hidden layer called “VisualARQ Locked Levels”.
I say semi-hidden because Human’s Layer Table can see it and just before the screen shot below, I saw a Blank layer in my Layers Panel (and a few minutes before that, saw the titled layer).

Should this layer be visible all of the time?
Is there an intended purpose for this Layer?

I am running v2.11.3 and building up a file from the VisualARQ 2 - Meters.3dm template.

Hi @kevin3,

This is an internal VisualARQ layer, that contains the curves that are shown when you enable the display of reference level in the “Level Manager”. As these curves are only for visualization and snapping, they must not be selectable, so we put them in a locked layer, and we hide this layer from the UI.



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