Lock Insert choice

A suggestion:
I am doing a project where I need to insert lots of “Individual Objects” as well as “Block instance[s]”.
It is laborious to click “Insert as…” every time I have to insert a file.
It would be helpful to have a Lock Choice option. That would increase my productivity

Perhaps someone has a better suggestion
or I may be making a fool of myself

Hi Bill -

Does that mean that you have to insert the same external file both as a block and as individual objects? If that’s the issue, you could probably just copy the block instance and explode that?

Hello- this just seems like a bug, to me - the setting should be remembered between runs of the command and is not.

RH-72188 Insert: remember the choice


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Hi Bill -
If not remembering is the issue, and until RH-72188 gets solved, you could hardcode the choice in a macro.

-Insert File Browse Objects Enter Pause EnterEnd


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