Lock Environment to View/Map to Screen?


I’m looking to set my ‘rendered’ viewport in a way that it looks like the object is being rotated while the camera and lighting stay fixed rather than the camera orbiting around the object.

My main reason for wanting this is that a good environment that shows meaningful shadows to understand the form is usually darker at the bottom near the ground and has overhead lights. For example, I mostly work on footwear. This means that the lighting is great for sideviews but then when I orbit to the bottom of the shoe everything is dark and muddy.

It seems like mapping the HDRI to ‘screen’ doesn’t work. Though it would have been a nice surprise if it did as what I’m requesting is quite different to 1:1 screen mapping of a texture.

Anyone know of a way to set this up? I don’t want to actually move any geometry, I want the HDRI to align with the camera orbit.