Lock camera to point

I’m trying to align a drawing with wallpaper for a composite image and I need to lock the camera to a point so when I pan, I pan around that point not the model or the target.

Hi Cayenne - Try RotateCamera. Does that do what you need?


Some what, but now my problem is zooming in perspective view. Its not zooming at all its translating the camera, there is a big difference! In order to properly match a picture and a model when a known camera point is available I need to do the following: lock camera to point, pan around point, true zoom NOT translate, and adjust lens length…How do you zoom in perspective view?

-dollyZoom ?

if you “zoom” but maintain the perspective projection, that equals to a change in lens length.

You have to change lens length, not Zoom, to keep camera in place. See the last option here:

Yes!, Jarek that’s it! Thanks all. If You move the camera closer or further from the subject It is NOT zooming it is dolly or translating- McNeel please stop calling it that! it is very confusing. Zooming ONLY makes the view lager or smaller it never changes the perspective! Also the second one is also translating NOT panning!

Dolly zoom is where You are both translating AND zooming, where perspective and size change.

Yes, the naming may be misleading in this case. I still think Zoom and Pan is the most intuitive and widespread nomenclature even though it is not real-life camera-lens zoom. I guess it is more ‘View-related’ naming rather than actual camera actions.

glad it helped.