Any plans to make Discourse available in other languages?

I am not only talking about the UI, but also about the discussion language. In the past, for example, I have sometimes used the German Rhino newsgroup.

One idea would be to use tags for indicating a post’s language.

Yes, we plan on providing localized versions of the site. We are in the “beta” stage right now and haven’t told many people in the Rhino community about this site yet.

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One hopes that a localized forum in HTTP format will attract more people, pretty much all the nntp non-English language newsgroups are pretty much dead - with the exception of Italian, which is still pretty active. The German nntp group got perhaps one or two posts a month, the French and Spanish groups one or two posts every three months…

I’m not absolutely certain that localization will actually attract more people, as people have a tendency to hang out where the “action” is, and these days that will always be on the English forum. But at least those that can’t or don’t want to post in English will get noticed by support people faster (hopefully) and get their questions answered.