Localization terminology comment (EN-DE)

Just doing some inter-language stuff here for class prep and ran across this:

Orient (2 pt) EN >>> Orientieren DE
Orient3Pt EN >>> Ausrichten3Punkte DE
Align EN >>> Ausrichten DE

Doesn’t make any sense to me… why not Orientieren3Punkte ?

@Joachim_Kuntz can you take a look?(or direct this the correct person… if I am confused)


Thats a tough one. Align is a term you cannot directly translate. The closest is ‚ausrichten‘.

I personally would also translate Orient as ‚ausrichten‘, because it sounds more technical than ‚orientieren‘, and many Cad exactly use this term for exactly this feature (in their german translation.)
‚LinearesAusrichten’ may be a better choice although its quite long but it rather fits it.

I also have heard Denglish term called ‚ablinen‘, but this doesn‘t sound serious.

Well, the main point I was trying to make is that using Orientieren for Orient (2 point) and Ausrichten3Punkte for Orient3Pt is confusing, as the two commands are really in the same family.

As Orientieren is already used for Orient, Orientieren3Punkte seems more logical to use for Orient3Pt than Ausrichten3Punkte and avoids the clash with Ausrichten used for Align…

In French we have Orienter and Orienter3Pt (plus Aligner).

Sure, but for me 'Orientieren (zu)/Orient (to) and ‘Ausrichten’ are the same. But ‘Align’ and ‘Ausrichten’ rather not, more a being a subset. But sure you can make it like this.

Just so that the command names have some sort of logical relationship…

So it could be Ausrichten and Ausrichten3Punkte for Orient and Orient3Pt and something else for Align. However, as far as changing command names without completely disorienting the users used to the current names (pun intended) one has to be careful…

In my scheme Orientieren3Punkte could be used as a command name for Orient3Pt as it’s not used by anything else currently. An internal alias with Ausrichten3Punkte leading to Orientieren3Punkte could be put in place for existing users and scripts. Ausrichten for Align would not be affected.

If Ausrichten was changed to be used by Orient and not Align, that would pose more of a problem for existing users, scripts, etc.

true. I think you cannot perfectly solve it, since there is no direct equivalent to “align”. The translator says its “ausrichten”, but anybody would think of it as what the ‘Orient/Orient3P’ command does.

Yep. Language translations of concepts are tough… Especially for command names which need to be short.

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@Joachim_Kuntz - here’s another one for you…

Offset is Versatz - but the Help (press F1 during the command) lists the topic as Parallelkurve - as does the menu item:


Versatz works at the command line but Parallelkurve is an unknown command.

And, the offsets of anything other than straight lines aren’t strictly “parallel” by geometric definition…

Hi Mitch,

I’ve just looked into the English version and in the Curve > Offset menu I found ‘Offset curve’, but there’s no _OffsetCurve in the command line either, so I guess _Offset must be the corresponding command:


The second and third option correspond to _OffsetNormal and _OffsetCrvOnSrf, respectively. My point: menu text often works in a rather descriptive way, but not necessarily as a literal transcription of the commands.

Anyway, I understand that ‘Parallelkurve’ sounds a bit awkward, so how about ‘Kurve versetzen’, which also would be more in line with the following two options?

Yes, that’s exactly how I see it: different translations for one term should be avoided whenever possible. They’re not only confusing, they often bring about serious bugs, especially where commands are concerned.

I’ll see what I can do here. Thanks Mitch, Tom & Pascal!

Yes, that I do understand. In this case your ‘Kurve versetzen’ suggestion for the menu item is better (IMO) but also the Help topic needs to be fixed -


plus the button tooltips, etc…


and perhaps OffsetMultiple…


A bit of work there…

Well, that’s the dark side of retranslating strings: the long tail of additional tasks it pulls behind. Then again, the moment could hardly be more perfect, since I’m about to deliver the RH7 strings in German, and next week we begin to translate the Help.

Have a nice weekend!