Local licensing of Rhino6

Just intalled my new Rhino6 package.
Is there any way to avoid internet license validation each time Rhino is started ?

As I live at a place in the mountains, internet connection fails due to regular thunderstorms, and so, starting Rhino that way becomes a “try and try and try” boring procedure making it unuseful.

Isn’t it a local lisencing method ? I’ve been unable to find any information regarding this subject.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, if you have a one-to-one correspondence of licenses and machines, you can install your licenses locally, one to each machine. If you currently have your license(s) in a Rhino account you will first need to remove them from the account, then install them locally via Options>Licenses.



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Hi Mitch,
Is it possible to make it temporary local and put it back to the cloud zoo after? And what is the exact procedure to do that?

I’m asking because I’m regulary in Africa and then will I need to run the license local on my laptop and put it back to the cloud when I’m back.

gr, Tobias

Yes, should be OK, just not exactly sure how to manage this - I guess the first thing to do is remove your license from the cloud, then I think Rhino will not find the license online, so it will ask you for one, you can then install it locally. When you want to put it back in your cloud Zoo account, in Options>Licenses you can uninstall the license, then you can log into your Rhino account and put it back in there. then you will need to tell Rhino to look for the license online again…

@carlos, @delia, is the above correct?


Thanks a lot.

But unfortunatelly Im so new to those procedures that, I neither know how to remove the license from the rhino account, nor how to install it locally. I installed Rhino just following the default options.

Could you please explain the procedures step by step ?

Thanks again.

@haitzeak Did you create a Rhino account during the installation?

Here’s is a link to how to remove a V6 license of the three ways it can be deployed:

Keep in mind when you add the license to a LAN Zoo or Stand-Alone, each time you will need to Validate the license within the 30-day grace period or Rhino will not run.

I was just curious how Rhino handles the following scenario -

  • You currently have your license stored/validated in your online Rhino account…
  • You remove it from your Rhino account with the intention of installing it locally.
  • You start Rhino, it does not find a license online.
  • What does Rhino do? Does it ask you specifically if you want to install a license locally?

Thx, --Mitch

If your Rhino is off-line with a valid lease, Rhino runs.
If your Rhino has an internet connection and your lease is more than 10% used, it tries to update the lease and finds there is no license. So you’re asked for a license.
If your Rhino’s local lease is expired or you’re logged out, then when you try to login, you don’t have a license.

In each case, it looks like what you see when you click the Change your license in the Options > Licenses page.

Well, the reason I ask here is we have had a few occasions where the user got logged out of their Rhino account and then couldn’t even start Rhino to be able to get to the Options page to do something about the license. That’s the worrisome thing, that the user has a valid license but for some reason Rhino gets hung up, won’t start, and there is nothing they can do…

Does the user get an error?
What do they see?
I need something to go on.
What are the symptoms?

I went through this with a student a couple of days ago and we got some error messages but it was his computer, I didn’t take screenshots. Basically the error messages said things like can’t connect to server and Rhino doesn’t have a license… He got logged out of his Rhino account and there was nothing he or I could do to to start Rhino; worse, he couldn’t log back into his Rhino account, something had gotten corrupted. AJ had to send him a special reset password link, I haven’t heard back if it worked yet.

There was a problem in SR3 and earlier where we relied on Windows to be able to start it’s default browser. That failed sometimes. SR4 fixes that problem.
What you described was one of the ways to get back going again.

Yes I did

Helvetosaur>>>> I did. Mi apologyzes for the duplicate post.

About your conversation …
Yesterday I was off line due to severe thunderstorms (Meteo orange warning) , almost the whole day, therefore I was unable login.
I have a valid lisence (I work with a “legal” copy of Rhino 6), but as it looks for it on the net, I have the problems I told at my first post.
As I’ve read above, the procedure for changing from network to local lisencing is not totally safe. I mean Rhino could hung and stop working. Is it right ? Or can I follow the procedure explained above with no risk?
As you can understand, even when my connection properly works, having to check all four windows any time I use Rhino, is tedious.

Thanks in advanceCaptura1Captura4Captura2Captura3

OK, then you want to first log into your Rhino account and remove the license from there. Then start Rhino, and when asked for a license, choose the local installation option and then enter your license key there.

Helvetosaur —> Will try. Thanks a lot.

Do you mean a valid license in the CloudZoo or local?
I tried it disconnecting the internet and starting Rhino. It did start but it took minutes. Not something you’d do for real work.

Don’t get that… what is a lease and how can it be 10% used?

thanks, Tobias

My responses were in the context of Mitch’s questions about the Cloud Zoo.