Loads on floors

Hey, I have a question about loads.
For an exercice, I need to put some loads on differents floors with the fonction: Load = 3kN *((2+(N-2)*0.7)/N) with N, the number of each floor.
I have 50 floors, it’s too much to calculate floor by floor.
Do you have an idea to help me? Thank you very much

Hi Louise,

I would start by generating a series of numbers and then using a function component to do the calculation. Out of curiosity are you trying to generate a structural model for Karamba3d or another structural analysis plug-in?


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Like this?

load_2020Apr15a.gh (9.0 KB)

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16-04.gh (112.3 KB) Thank you Nathan. I will try your idea.
I need to generate a structural model for Karamba3d. The objective is to create a tower with a central core, loads due to wind, gravity and with the formula sent at the beginning of the discution. If you want, you can view my file.
At the end, the tower should measure 500m, I’m not there yet …
Do you know how I can associat one load at one floor?

Here, I have the loads at each floor (0.05 on floor 0, 0.051 on floor 1, …) and the floors are on the other pircture.
Thank you

my Karamba version doesn’t work with your definition, but
if you want to assign specific loads to specific floors, you can graft your data

You graft your load’s input into the load components and you graft each group of bars by level.

Obviously, you must have the same number of branches (same number of loads and floors)

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That is great Louise. Jacques explains it well how to assign the loads at each level. Will you be looking to transfer to any other structural analysis programs after you have generated the Karamba model? GeometryGym has some components which can transfer Karamba models to structural analysis programs such Etabs, GSA, etc. if you are interested let me know.

I think I have test somethings but… Maybe I don’t understand what you mean.
I made a test with only 2 loads and two bars of 2 floors.
But, if I graft the loads and each groupe of bars by levels, my loads are only on the first floor but they are two. Heeeeeelp, I will be crazy

Hi @louisedechangy,

in order to apply the line loads properly, you need to define Element IDs for all your elements in the LinetoBeam element. For example you can set all beams in Floor 1 to be “Floor_1”, Floor2 to be “Floor_2”,… Then you can apply the line load according to the ElementID (BeamID).

Alternatively you can also apply a mesh load by generating a mesh for each floorplate, applying the varying loads for each floor onto each mesh and setting the mesh load to generate lineloads on your floor beams.


Ok, thank’s Matthew. It’s a good solution. I will try it.
At the end of the exercice, I have 50 floors. It’s to much to do floor by floor, no?
Maybe it’s possible to generate the IDs in function of the number of floors. But I don’t know if it works

Hi, you can definitely use the series to generate the IDs per floors similar to how you generated the load amount. Similar to what @Joseph_Oster suggested.