Loading rhino file very slow

When i load a rhino file it takes a very long time. It says preparing viewports for about 3min. Is there any way to speed this up?

Hi Tim- is the file very large? What, if any, non-default plug-ins are you using? Can you please try starting Rhino in Safe Mode? Is that faster? ( there is an icon for this in the Rhino program group - in Windows 8 you can type Rhinoceros on the start screen and you should see it)


Hey Pascal

It opens much faster in safe mode. There are some plug ins loading up Vray and alot of geometry gym stuff. Is it possible to work in safe mode? What is the difference from normal version?



In safe mode, all plug-ins are disabled as is hardware video acceleration. So no, it’s not really possible to work comfortably in safe mode. You need to look into your file and find out what is the cause of the slowdown, is it V-Ray? Geometry Gym?


Hi Tim - I would disable, in Options > Plug-ins page, all the ‘suspect’ plug-ins , and start Rhino - see if it is slow, and then re-enable one at a time, and restart Rhino to see if you can figure out which is the slow one- that said, I’m not sure what you can do about it but at least you’ll know whom to complain to…