Loading a gh file, executing it and harvesting its data

This came up in private tech-support, may be useful for others as well.
The attached Runner.gh file loads another gh file (example provided), sets a value to a parameter named “INPUT”, runs it, harvests the data in the parameter called “OUTPUT” and then outputs that as its own data.

Runner.gh (6.1 KB)
AutoFile.gh (9.1 KB)


I tried to translate the script Runner in Python language but it doesn’t work. Can someone help me ? I’m close…
Runner.gh (5.5 KB)

I did’nt succed in translating this script into python. So I decided to implement it into a grasshopper file that I turned into a Rhino Command named GrasshopperPlayerOnce
Instead of
-GrasshopperPlayer "xx.gh"
I use
-GrasshopperPlayerOnce "xx.gh"
It works well. The file is joined
GrasshopperPlayerOnce.rhp (524 KB)

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Since a newer version, my python script started working.

Here is a GHPython component calling another Grasshopper file.

It solve one of the limits of Hops Plugin, you can execute another Grasshopper containing some external plugin.
GrasshopperPlayerOnce-launcher.ghx (52.4 KB)
GrasshopperPlayerOnce-runner.ghx (15.3 KB)

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Thanks, your script works pretty well for me. It´s sad that the grasshopper player is not really suited for more complex tasks (e.g. it keeps running in the background). Your script is exactly what I need. Thank you Gaspard!