Load only when needed?

Is there a way to have Bongo only load when needed, not on Rhino start. I can put BongoPlayDead in the list of startup commands, but it would be nice to not load it if I didn’t need it. This is Bongo 2 if it makes a difference.



What actual problem are you trying to solve here? Does Bongo do something you don’t like when it loads?

Incidentally - it’s actually only half of Bongo that loads at startup.

  • Andy

It is a problem for us because we are running 2 licenses in the Zoo, shared with 8 people. The first 2 people to turn their computers on and open Rhino are the 2 that get the licenses, even if they have no need for Bongo that day. I’ve had to go into the plug-in manager and disable Bongo so this doesn’t happen. It really needs to load on demand like Bongo 1 did.


We’ll try to figure something out ASAP. Thanks.