Load Material Editor Failed


I’ve found recently version of WIP have failed on loading Material Editor no matter using Menu/ command lines or even click on the layer panels.
it has no response, and sometime it even crash dump.

and even using the propertie panel to change object material itself.
still, the fonts are not quite right.


Hi Vincent - are you using the Cycles plug-in as the current renderer? If so does it sort itself out if you change to Rhino render?


thanks for your reply.

I’m using Rhino Render now.

see picture above.

btw, my recent version of WIP only has Rhino Render. The Cycles plug-in disapeared.
I thought you guy put the Cycles in the place of Rhino Render?


Cycles is by default “only” a display mode called Raytraced. If you need the separate production renderer you need to install the plug-in from https://github.com/mcneel/CyclesForRhino/releases . So to rephrase the question from @pascal : are you using the Raytraced view mode?

ok understood. I’m not using the raytraced mode. I’m now using the arctic model but I’ve changed the setting a bit to using object material to show. thx.