Load Lands plugin without shortcut

Hi all,

Sorry if its been answered before, I couldn’t find it with search.

is it possible to load lands Design plugin without using the shortcut?
I have my toolbars extensively customised and arranged perfectly for my VisualARQ workflow and want my Lands Design workflow to be the same… (ideally one shortcut to rule them all)

Alternatively, there might be a toolbar question in this too - tried saving out rui, but it doesn’t arrange them when you load into the Lands Design instance, just loads them and leaves them all over the place… yet it remembers the arrangement each time you open the VisualARQ instance - so the information on arrangement is clearly stored somewhere)

Answering my own (silly) question;

Typing any lands command loads it: _laPlant etc …

@Prehabitat The first time you run Lands Design after the installation, it must be launched from the Lands desktop icon. Later on you can just open Rhino and Lands will be loaded as soon as you type any Lands command. You can then open the Lands toolbars and setup the interface as you wish and work with VisualARQ together.