Llibraries of Pyython

How can I import external libraries into Rhino-Python (or it impossible)?
import requests
import postgrsql
pip install don’t work(

Thank U.

Hi Andrey,
Some people have managed to use an external installation of IronPython with Rhino, though it is not recommended, I think, and can break your python installation. Any pure python (i.e. with no compiled dependences) may work if you just put them in your script folder and import them.

No problem if you use standalone (no installation just zip) version.

But regarding the modules I have created a thread asking the same question. I’ll try to dig it up.

You can generally import what IronPython can import. Some CPython-type libraries may work, but YMMV.

Where did you learn these abbreviations :smiley:

Mitch used IIRC

I had to google these :smile_cat:

I am an irssi (IRC client) user. I typed a lot in IRC channels. The answer to your question is: I learned them in IRC (mostly #blendercoders chat). On code licensing questions (GPL etc) I like to give my opinion and and with “, but IANAL”.

I see :slight_smile:

I’m an old guy… I used to hang out on Usenet - at alt.machines.cnc… Flame wars.

Many jargon terms now in common use on the Internet originated or were popularized on Usenet.[48] Likewise, many conflicts which later spread to the rest of the Internet, such as the ongoing difficulties over spamming, began on Usenet.[49]

Learn all of these and you’ll be good to go… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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People not my age may never have seen the original source of this expression… First used in car commercials in the US in the 70’s when they first started posting gas mileage figures - that was the disclaimer line. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pn4edF2OKZM

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