Lldb command


I am experiencing some issues with my Rhino 6 version.
The app opens correctly and is already logged into my account. Unfortunately, when I try to either open a new model, open an existing file or open one of the model suggested by Rhino itself, the program crashes.

These are the 3 message errors I get.
When I try to “Get Xcode” or to “Install”, I can’t.

I have a Macbook Pro with Mojave (10.14) installed and the Rhino version is the 6.21 (according to the “Check update” menu on Rhino, it is the latest one).

Could anyone help?

If you could post the text from the bottom text area of the first dialog you posted that’d be great.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I’ll leave you the PDF file of the error.

file errore rhino.pdf (110.5 KB)