Live Surface Section Updating?

Is there a way through using History, or other methods, to have surface section curves automatically update while editing a surface?

Hello - Section is not History enabled… (should be, is seems to me) but you can fake it like so:

Make lines where you want the sections (on their own layer, for convenience)
Project the lines, using History, onto your objects
Turn off the lines layer if you like.
Modify your surfaces and the sections will update.

RH-63178 Section: enable History


Thank Pascal!
Projecting the lines using History seems to work similar to how I envisioned using Section. How wonderful to have a new process to edit and evaluate a surface real-time! I also use clipping planes to isolate the surface(s) control points and section curves in one viewpoint.
It would make sense to use the Section command and history to the same effect.


@tim is there a chance that a history enabled section will make it into rhino 8?


For the time being, it looks like this is scheduled for Rhino 8 at some point.

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thanks wim, i have seen that, i was not sure what exactly that means though, could also still be dropped or not? i wanted to write up a wish and found that today.

Of course. These release target estimates tend to go back and forth a bit but there will never be a better estimate than what is shown there at any given point in time.