Live Interface between Karamba3D and Dlubal-RFEM5

Dear KARAMBA3D/Dlubal-RFEM Community,

I would like to ask you about the possibilities to have a live interface between the model from KARAMBA 3D in Grasshopper and Dlubal-RFEM. With live Interface, I meant that when I change any parameter in Grasshopper this will change same time in RFEM. I do not want to bake the model every time and import it in RFEM.

I know that it is possible to have this live Interface only between the geometry from Grasshopper and RFEM, but I want this between the model in KARAMBA3D and RFEM, so that I do not need to define the material, cross-section, Loads, and boundary conditions again. In this way I can use RFEM to control the results in KARAMBA and apply a structural analysis after the Eurocode.

So I use the component Export Model to DStV(Karamba3D) but I do not know how to connect it exactly to have this live interface.
see a screen shot of this component in my project:

Could you please help me with a small example?

I use Dulbal-RFEM5.21.02

I am looking forward to your answering and many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


Hi @ihabfsaid,

we currently do not have any live interface with RFEM and Karamba. The only method is to use the export component. However Dlubal did just release a plugin which allows interface between Grasshopper and RFEM so you could look into this.

Hello Mathew,
Thanks for your quick respond. It is a pity that there is no live Interface between Karamba3D and RFEM. I found out how to have interface between Grasshopper and RFEM.
SO could you please demonstrate exactly how to use the component Export Model to DStV(Karamba3D). The best way is to upload an example from Karamba3D itself with this component?
Many thanks in advance for your help.

you simply need to export it as a .stp file to the RSTAB/RFEM version you are using. Then upon import you should select DSTV format in RFEM. Unfortunately there is no method to import shells from Karamba at the moment.

How is it possible to export to a stp file from grasshopper/karamba? is there a plugin that does this?

Hi @sgiorgioramsaroep, the “Export Model to DStV” allows you to export a karamba model for Robot or RSTAB. You need to save the file as .stp format to be able to read it in RSTAB/Robot.

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