Live connection to CAD

Hi all, I wonder is there a way to have a live connection between rhino and CAD. Even just a one-way connection is fine fie me.
Say when I draw a curve in rhino, CAD can add the same curve immediately.
Thanks for any suggestion,

CAD is not a particular software, it’s just abbreviation and a concept.
It’s not what you’re looking for but earlier before I’ve been looking for a solution to translate files to Corel and this is what I’ve found. Assume you’ve meant Auto\ArchiCAD but here’s just a clue of what’s possible to get:

Hi Mikey,
Thanks for your reply.
The CAD I mean autoCAD.

Perhaps RhinoInside:

Great! Thanks David!
This one looks really cool.
But can we use this plug-in in rhino6 as well?

Hi - No, Rhino.Inside is for Rhino 7 only.