Live adjustment of GH defined geometry in viewport

Hi there,

This may be a really basic question, or there might just be a plugin for this I’ve not been able to find, but does anyone know a way of having something which is created in GH as being editable in the viewport, which then will feed back into GH automatically. For example:

If I have a curve imported to GH and create perpendicular lines along it using say the X axis from perp frames, is there a way I can have this ‘live baking’ to rhino, so I could then adjust the rotation of them in the viewport, but this then is imported back into GH live, so that if for e.g. I change the number of divisions along the base curve, it will add a division but not lose the rotation I applied to the nth frame?

If this is totally not do-able the other thing that might work that I don’t know if it’s possible is, if I have a similar scenario to above, with a curve with a set of perp frames, if there a way to have a set of sliders, (for e.g. to adjust rotation) where the number of sliders in the GH definition automatically is the number of divisions? Essentially a control where I can use a slider or other input to create that amount of input sliders.

Apologies for not showing the actual file I’m working on, standard NDA stuff. I can make a quick file up if that helps but it’s more an issue of interface than file if you see what I mean.

Thanks to anyone who has any ideas!


You could rotate them inside of grasshopper, i show a way using lists of values instead of multiple sliders (12.0 KB)

Does this help?

Thanks Lando,

Unfortunately, as I’m using it more as a modelling tool I’ll be needing to control the movements and rotations in a more intuitive way really, rather than having to alter a list of rotations corresponding to the list of cross sections manually.

To give a bit of a better idea of what I’m trying to achieve, if you think of something like your example above, I might need to, on the fly, be able to add in another cross section and tweak it’s rotation on the fly, so it matches up with other geometry in the model, then I might have to remove another cross section but keep the relevant rotations for the remaining cross sections, and I might have to do things like that a few hundred times to tweak the design to what the client wants.

Thanks though!

All the best!