Little wishes

Is it possible to add command bar on top of _NewFlowingViewport mode? It’s convenient for people using dual or more monitors.

adding Meterial/linetype,width info to _SelLayer

Adding a brush selection(sub-command) on _Trim, which functions as _Selbrush
(might be useful while trimming a lot of small segmented surfaces and lines)

Dual monitor support would be awesome. I work in a persp floating viewport and look at the main window’s front, right, and top views to verify what I’m doing. I type every command rather than going back to find an icon.

Hi EricM,
I felt it’s not convenient go back and forth between Flowingviewport and main viewports( T,F,R,Perspective view) I don’t know if we are saying the same problem. I personally like putting a flowingviewport on one monitor but I have to go back main viewports to type commands which seems not a fast way to do things. I have to consitetly movemy head among monitors. :smile:

We are on the same page. You can type from floating viewport but have to look back at main window. Or you can float your command window in second screen.

It is still wonky. Something about the command window repainting itself when it’s not docked. Built in dual monitor support, where it wasn’t just a floating viewport, but a second main window with dockable regions for toolbars, command bar, osnaps, selection filters, etc would be fantastic.