Little wish - output range in inverse order


I setup an animation where a train drives in direction to the camera. Than I show some model variations and now I want to render how the train drives back. I tried to set the frame range to 100 … 0, but this isn’t accept (only 0 … 100 is possible). It could be nice if this would be allowed, so that an animation can be rendered in the inverse direction too.

For now I will rename the output files per an automatic rename tool so that I get an inverse order.



This has been requested before, but I wasn’t able to find the old item, so I created a new one:

It’s now on the wishlist.

Thank you, Marika.

If it is exactly the same as what you already rendered you should save yourself time and not rerender, but reuse the frames you already have.

Some times it is so easy, but I need to show an other configuration of the train. :slight_smile: