Little wish - output range in inverse order



I setup an animation where a train drives in direction to the camera. Than I show some model variations and now I want to render how the train drives back. I tried to set the frame range to 100 … 0, but this isn’t accept (only 0 … 100 is possible). It could be nice if this would be allowed, so that an animation can be rendered in the inverse direction too.

For now I will rename the output files per an automatic rename tool so that I get an inverse order.


(Marika Almgren) #2


This has been requested before, but I wasn’t able to find the old item, so I created a new one:

It’s now on the wishlist.


Thank you, Marika.

(jesterKing) #4

If it is exactly the same as what you already rendered you should save yourself time and not rerender, but reuse the frames you already have.


Some times it is so easy, but I need to show an other configuration of the train. :slight_smile: