Little white dots all over rendering

Hi, no matter what I do (turn lights on, off, re-position), the rendering has little white dots all over it.
I played with the antialiasing… nothing.
I don’t see anything else I can play with…
does anyone have any ideas for Rhino Mac?
Thank you:)

here’s the file: simple_coffee_table1.3dm (772.2 KB)

Hi Izabela, did you temper with any of the Rhino Render settings?

What is the resolution you’re rendering at, and do you have anti-aliasing on?

It can also be in the material settings of your object like refraction index maybe?

If you share your file, I can take a look.

maybe a duplicate?..

Maybe I’ll ask this question at the beginning this time - do you have any lights that are touching or are inside any surfaces?


not that I am aware of.
I erased all of the lights and the dots are still there.
I posted the file, if you’d like to open it and look at it closer as well

here are the screen shots of render settings:

and the file:
simple_coffee_table1.3dm (772.2 KB)

@Sabino : I’m not understanding what you mean by what you said… sorry:)

This might be due to the HDRI in the custom skylight environment. Click the file name and choose remove to test if I’m right. I do not have the HDR file here since they don’t get wrapped up in the 3dm currently.

Hi, rendering it on my mac without changing anything I get this:

Interesting, when I turn on ‘Focal Blur’ to ‘Autofocus on selected object’ it doesn’t render these grainy dots. Maybe because they are smoothed out a bit by the unsharpness of depth.

See it looks different here, much better:

well, I tried 50 other things and the dots are always there… does anyone have an older mac than mine and still manages to make this look good? I took out the HDR, played around with the setting like @ohmarinus mentioned… nothing… dots are there and worse.

Hey, I’m running 10.9.5 but I’m not sure if this is the problem. I am using a dedicated videocard though; NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M. However, I doubt this has any influence.

I see you have a bump texture in one of the silver materials which may be the cause of the white dots. I don’t have this texture map here since they don’t get embedded in the 3dm so maybe that’s why you’re the only one seeing the specs. Try the attached file which I set up with this map turned off. I also used two rectangular lights so that you get a nice shadow of the base. One more thing, when you have a glass object touching anything opaque, make sure it doesn’t actually touch for the render. I moved the table top up .01 in Z to avoid coincident surface noise. This is a common problem in any renderer so it’s just something to be aware of.

simple_coffee_table1_BrianJ.3dm (802.0 KB)

okay, so yours looks great:)

Unfortunately I updated the software before I had a chance to see your email, but, I did open up yours on my Mac, this is what it looks like:

then, I opened up my original, and this is what that looks like (the dots mostly went away in this new version):

So the question is, what are you doing that I am royally screwing up?? :slight_smile:

Did you check the silver material bump channel in the material editor? Is there a texture there and if so, what happens if you turn it off? I think you’re seeing the bump you added in the second silver material applied to the portion of the base on the right in the views we have above. It is then being reflected as well in the portion of the base on the left.