ListView in Menu_AppendCustomItem not working (Mac GH)

I’m trying to create a ListView in the AppendMenuItems(ToolStripDropDown menu) of my component.
This works great in on Windows but on the Mac version the list view is there but empty. I’ve tried making a very simple setup that only has the following code, but not luck. Is winforms like these not wokring in GH Mac? How do I go about making the “Exotic” menu items in the Mac version.

public override bool AppendMenuItems(ToolStripDropDown menu)

ListView scenarioListView = new ListView();

scenarioListViewWidth = 300;
scenarioListView.Height = 300
scenarioListView.MultiSelect = true;
scenarioListView.Scrollable = true;
scenarioListView.View = View.List;
scenarioListView.FullRowSelect = true;

scenarioListView.Items.Add("Test 1");
scenarioListView.Items.Add("Test 2");
scenarioListView.Items.Add("Test 3");

Menu_AppendCustomItem(menu, scenarioListBox);

return true;