Listing the index number of objects visually to easily choose them

How can I select particular set of edges inside a mesh without baking it? If I use point list, it gives error as it only textually labels points. How can I label all the inner lines so that I know which one to choose that are encircled with orange doodle?

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Get center point of edge, use point list.

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Okay. And is there any other way to make a selection window and reference them? Because, all those locations have to be manually fed into a panel one by one then selected for further operations inside grasshopper.

Maybe have a look at Meshplus (
You can lable mesh edges with it (under der Show Tab) and with the Select Mesh Edge component you are able to select mesh edges in the rhino viewport. Just add a boolean toogle into A, set it to true, select the mesh edges inside the viewport and it returns the edge indicies, points and lines, after selection you can turn the boolean to false again.

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You could use PointInCurve to check if both ends are inside some outline and cull

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