Liste of control point simple notch plate

Hello ,
I’m a phd student and I’m working on IGA in fracture mechanics. I need to simulate a simple notch benchmark like this (

). I want to have in rhino the list of control point by using the command list.
I’m new on rhino .

when i construct my benchmrk with a polyline + planarsurface command i can’t have the liste of control points knot vector, but when i construct them starting with rectangle surface + adding control points on the edge and move it to have my bench mark , i easily have my control point list with the command list but it is not a good way for what i want to do.

please , I need yours helps.

Thank you

Hello - is that a zero-width slit coming in from the left?
What control points are you looking for? The surface, if you make a surface, will have only four points as one would normally make this in Rhino, but the edge curve will be more complicated.

SlitInSurface.3dm (66.8 KB)


Hello Pascal ,
Thank you for you quick reply. I want to have this kind of file
test4.txt (5.2 KB). when i construct my rectangular surface with the command rectangular + planar surface + rebuild ( choose the number of control points along u and v) + list I have file like one attached up.

The problem is with geometry with for example 5 or 6 point (polyline) when i do the same thing i don’t have the same file.

thank you