List Sorting by region

I have a certain cluster of points as shown in the picture. I need to sort the list based on regions such that I have 4 lists with me.
How to go ahead with it? (9.6 KB) (20.7 KB)

Same thing: (20.8 KB)

Thank you. Yeah I was wondering the other way of how to do it.

Check this desinition also and let me know its possible when there are no solid difference.

Thank You (15.8 KB)

Improvise! Also, the Range input to Series ‘C’ (Count) was wrong, it created a weird, messed up data tree. (28.1 KB)


You could use Point Groups or not sure if it works or not, anyway you might want to know about K-mean clustering. (20.1 KB)

Cool. For those not using R6, Preview works fine to replace these missing R6 bits:


missing2 (27.7 KB)

You’ll need Pufferfish and Impala plugins for this one :slight_smile:

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I guess I will have to look up K-mean clustering. I am still a bit confused as all the replies indicate that they have successfully grouped the points into clusters but the list is still a flattened list with no branches.
(like the list has around 7k+ points with 0 branches and I was looking for something like N number of points in 4 branches).

My original intention was to make these clusters into separate lists so that I could control each cluster separately.

I guess there was a miscommunication from my end. :sleepy:


Oh okay. Thank you.
(Sorry, still learning … :slightly_smiling_face:)


Yeah, my bad. I didn’t use param viewer.


Thank you