List rotation of an object

@juancarreras, below seems to do the same as the rvb above using the converted function:

# original Script written by Jarek Bieda
import Rhino
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
from math import atan2, pi, asin
def ResetBlockZRotation():
    f = 0    
    block = rs.GetObject('Block Instance ?', 4096, True)
    r = DecomposeXformRotation(rs.BlockInstanceXform(block))
    v = round( r[2] * -180/pi, 0) + f
    if v < 0: v += 360
    rs.RotateObject(block, rs.BlockInstanceInsertPoint(block), v, False)
    print("Block rotation reset to zero")
def DecomposeXformRotation(arrXform):
    arrRotate = Rhino.Geometry.Point3d.Unset
    arrRotate.X = atan2(- arrXform.M21, arrXform.M22)
    arrRotate.Y = asin(arrXform.M20)
    arrRotate.Z = atan2(arrXform.M10, arrXform.M00)
    return arrRotate

note that i added some imports and removed the ones not required.


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