List order when flattened to read in y not x direction

I’m aiming for this ^^^^
list (84.6 KB)

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I’m trying to number these points by row rather than by x value so that a cull pattern might work more regularly. When I flatten the list - the default renumbering goes in the x direction however I want it to number down by row.

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Here are a couple of options:list (91.4 KB)

This is doable but how did you create all these surfaces?

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Created a rectangle of paver size required then rotated and array-ed linear.

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Because it is easier to do this when you go back a step:


oh I think I understand

here is more of the definition. (I’m aware it’s probably quite messy logic please go easy on a newbie hahaha)
I’m trying to create another cull pattern on a selection

list (25.9 KB)

When you flatten a tree, you loose it’s structure. But it’s all there. All you needed to do is flip the matrix.

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Ah that’s so simple.
Thank you for the explanation :slight_smile:

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