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I have a list of texts lists, each in a separate branch. What I’m trying to do (unsuccessfully) is to rearrange the branches according to a set of Integers, so the first branch (Number {0}), in this case, ends up in the position 48, the second {1}, in the position 46 and so on.

Please, help.
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Tree branch component.
A is the Path, text is the tree.
Make sure to set it to renumber.

Additionally, you can also use Replace Paths.

list of texts (19.3 KB)

Thank you man, but it does not work. It should, but… for ex. the info resulting in the 11th branch (transnet, etc,) should be in the 2nd one. The first one, should ends up in position 48, and so on.


Take the result of the sort and put it in the path of the tree branch.

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… what is the term of the opposite action of “sorting”? … “sorting back”?

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Thank you :slight_smile: