List of surfaces outputs null, but individual surfaces valid

Hello! I’m writing some code to draw contours from a point cloud and then create surfaces from those contours. It is so close to working, but I’ve run into this hiccup that I can’t seem to get past. The last few lines of the code output all the contours and then should output the rs.AddPlanarSrf() of those contours. When I connect the surface output to a Surface node, it receives a list of null values. I thought at first that this was because I was not properly making the surfaces, but if I output any individual value of the list, it successfully returns the surface. Can any of you help me figure out why that is?


Successful_Individual_Surface (455.3 KB)


Very interesting approach.!

Anyway, if you connect your Contour curves output to a surface container you will get what you are looking for, instead of dealing with data trees inside python.

Ragards :slight_smile:

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That worked! Thank you so much!